Slots Online

When you play the online casino slots you get offered a variety of slot machines and the most basic are online casino slots with a single payout line and three spinning reels.

Play online slots for coins

This is very popular with most casino patrons even though there is not much variation to these slot machines as far as possible ways of winning goes. In most instances you would be allowed to play either one two or three coins. As you play more coins at an online slots UK you have slightly higher amounts that you can win as a jackpot in most instances. Therefore you can increase your possible payout percentage on that machine by betting the maximum amount of coins. This applies to all slot machines though.

Then there are casino slots that use three spinning reels with three pay lines and five pay lines respectively. These allow you to play slot machines where you would be able to win if your characters match up in more combinations than just three characters lined up in the middle of the slot machine. One of the online casino slots I enjoy the most however is the multi line online slots that could have 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 or even 15 different pay lines. In order to have more than one pay line active, you need to bet an extra credit each time.

slots online

Slots with progressive jackpots

Online casino slots with progressive jackpots are however the big guns. Here you stand the chance to win millions of dollars with just one spin. The biggest online casino slots progressive jackpots can be won playing Major Millions (available at all the casinos shown on this page). This available in both land based casinos and online casinos at huge jackpot levels. Most casinos have a variety of progressive machines and you can win these jackpots by playing anything from 25 cents to a few dollars.

The interesting twist in the tail comes however with the bonus feature slot machines that you find at online casinos in great varieties. As you play on the machine with its normal set up, you would come across special characters you need to hit a certain number of times in order for you to move onto the bonus feature. This comes up in the form of a selection of a certain option and a small scenario playing out in front of you. With some of these bonus feature slots you will always come away with some extra casino credits while others you might not win anything.

Payout percentage

Between all of these slot machines there isn’t one particular one that has a greater payout percentage than another. Most slot machines work on a random number generator, which will pay out certain amounts of certain jackpots during a specific period in time. For example over a period of three months the top jackpot would pay out twice, the second highest jackpot would pay out ten times and so on.

When you visit land based casinos you might have seen some people standing around watching others play at the slots and as soon as this person leaves they jump at the chance to play that machine. The reason for this is that they believe that if a person didn’t’t win much before them on that machine, that it might be on its way to paying out something and the previous person just left to early. This works in some instances, but that is purely luck.

In earlier years there were some slot machines that worked like this, but after people started catching onto the patterns, casinos started getting some frequent big winners where players would wait until a slot machine is at a certain level. Casino operators changed this and decided to give all players an equal random chance of winning.

This is apparent with a visit I had once to a local casino with my wife and mother in law. I spent about $500 on the slot machines and started with a decent win, but this was lost fairly quickly as well. On the other hand my mother in law played with about $200 and went home with $4000. One of the casino assistants told us that a student visited the casino the previous day and won a progressive jackpot of over $50 000 and only brought $10 to the casino.