Keno Online

Online casino keno is in some ways very similar to both bingo and the lottery. An online keno game is totally based on luck and any attempt at trying to use a strategy to play this game would not help.

Win money playing Keno

The odds in online casino keno are less than that of most casino games, but you have the possibility of winning great amounts of money using only a small bet.

Depending on where you play an casino keno you would more often than not start with you selecting a set of numbers out of a total of 80. When playing online casino keno you can choose one number or up to fifteen numbers. Twenty numbers are then drawn and you win more depending on the amount of your numbers that match up with these.

If you are playing keno and you choose less numbers then your pay outs will be smaller if your numbers get drawn so it is usually the best idea to select the allowed fifteen numbers. When playing keno online you also don’t need to pay for every number you play, but only to play a round.

keno success

Match the numbers

If you get only one or two numbers matched up you will not win any money, but if you actually get a match on all fifteen of your numbers, you will be paid 10000:1 in most instances where you could play online keno.

As far as the history of the game goes it is believe that keno was invented in China over 2000 years ago. This was done by a member of the Han Dynasty who introduced the game to help fund the army, as most of the citizens were unhappy with the taxes they had to pay to support the army.

It was an instant hit and resulted in the continued safety of the city and it is also rumored that it helped to fund the building of the Great Wall.

USA most popular game

The game of keno was brought to the United States by the early Chinese settlers, but wasn’t’t very popular with the locals. Later on, when gambling was legalized in Nevada it was introduced there and started gaining popularity.

Since then it has been enjoyed by many gamblers as a great game of chance and truly provides a relaxing way of gambling.